Here at GEMSS we strive to meet high standards in dealer satisfaction. We have found these tips helpful and thought you might too.


It’s important to set professional goals and work from these objectives to develop a strategy to help reach them. As professional goals are met, stay open to new business opportunities.

Set goals that are reasonable. Consider things like available capital, personal life, professional contacts, and other considerations to define objectives that are reasonable and attainable.


Create a calendar and each day perform a task from the list to move closer to goal achievement. Plan ahead. Keep the ‘big picture’ in mind. Also try planning months ahead, so there aren’t many surprises. This allows for addressing challenges with a cool head and strategy.


This tip, from Claudette Christian, co-chair of a global legal practice, comes straight from Forbes®. Women sometimes face challenges that their male counterparts don’t face. Ms. Christian told Forbes, “At each stage of my career, I bit off more than others thought I could chew.” As a woman in business, don’t be defined by the expectations of others. Always accept a new challenge.


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