October is national Adopt a Dog month.

So to promote it we have 5 simple reasons you should adopt a dog from your local human society.

  • You will receive unconditional love & loyalty
  • You will be physically healthier.
  • You will be friendlier and more approachable.
  • You will help end puppy mills.
  • You will save a life.

This is a list of places to get started on your pet journey:

Petfinder has a great list of places all over the U.S. to adopt a dog.
Humane Society of the United States has many resources to help you find a dog.

At #GEMSSNA we love dogs and the #vets who take care of them! We have FDA approved C-arms for animal clinics. Easy to set-up and use immediately. Our equipment is truly plug and play.

Contact us for more information.