About Us

Our History

Founded in the Republic of Korea as COMED in 1995, the company entered the medical device market with the development of image intensifier based X-ray fluoroscopy systems, and introduced the MCA 601 and KMC 5000A in 1999 and the MCA 901 in 2000. An analog radiographic system, the EVA, was released in 2001and is still in production and sold in many countries even today. In 2002 the company received a certificate of New Technology for development of electronic shock wave generation, and extra-corporeal shock wave lithotripter (ESWL) for urology. 2002 also marked the release of the widely popular KMC 950 mobile surgical C-arm, which gained FDA clearance in 2004 and entered the U.S. market. Meanwhile, 2003 saw the release of the SATURN, Korea’s first DR (Direct Radiography) system. In 2005 the company registered the first ESWL lithotripter and received a patent for its electro-hydraulic shock wave generator. The TITAN 2000 digital radiographic system was released in early 2006, and later that year the economical KMC 650 image intensifier C-arm. Development of two CCD X-ray detectors (9M & 16M) was completed in 2007 and a new version of the EVA radiographic system, the EVA-HF750, was released.

In 2007 demand for these quality products was increasing steadily and expanded manufacturing capacity was needed. To meet the need, VIKOMED was established in Vietnam as a local corporation in collaboration with the Vietnamese government.

Manufacturing and sales continued to grow, but the company did not lose focus on new product development. The next three years witnessed the release of a new version of the TITAN 2000 DR system for veterinary use; the ASADAL-M1 electro-magnetic type ESWL lithotripter; a 1K CCD camera for C-arms; the APOLLON DR system with FPD (Flat Panel Detector); and a new 400 kHz high frequency X-ray generator.

In May of 2011 the company established its U.S. headquarters with the opening of COMED America in Mobile, Alabama. Since then, many new patents and certifications have been acquired, and products exported to over 70 countries worldwide have achieved over $30M in sales, a first for the Korean X-ray industry. Further expansion came in 2012 through an OEM contract with Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation in Japan, and the establishment of the Southeast Asian Corporation.

From the beginning and throughout its growth, COMED focused on customers’ needs in the development of innovative, effective, and affordable medical systems. Adhering to that focus and preparing for the future, a new long-term vision for the company was adopted in 2013 and with it a new name expressing . . .


Our Goal

G - Global Vision
E - Employee Focus
M - Mutual Trust
S - Social Responsibility
S - Sustainability

GEMSS, Focusing on Enhancing Customer Value

For the past 18 years, We have continually strived to become one of the most customer-oriented companies in Medical Imaging. This was achieved by considering the needs of the customer when developing products and providing services. In addition, we have strengthened our customer service by using COMEDAS, an Integrated Service System. The COMEDAS system streamlines the process of providing fast and efficient technical support to our customers.

GEMSS, a Truly Global Company

We are a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of Digital X-Ray equipment, all while having the largest market share in Korea. However, instead of being content with our present position, we aim to achieve leading positions in the global marketplace. We have already established an additional production factory in Vietnam as well as expanding our branch offices in Asia, America, and Europe. In addition, we are strategically cooperating with multinational companies to enhance the technical cooperation.

GEMSS, Making the Future with Passion

Our goal is to be the most successful, respected and socially responsible global company to develop and distribute state-of-art medical devices globally. We strive to introduce innovative products to customers and to lead the development of the Medical Imaging industry. We are passionate about designing and developing the world’s best medical devices. This vision unites us as a team each and every day and is the hallmark of our customer-driven culture.