GEMSS R & D has resulted in the next generation mobile C-arm with imaging far superior to the angio images of exiting I.I. equipped models. The SPINEL 12HD next generation mobile C-arm further enhances performance with the GEMSS Smart Angio Package that includes DSA, Roadmap, Re-Mask, Pixel-Shift, Max Peak and Minimum Opacification, and Bone Landmarking and provides true versatility for the hybrid OR.
DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography)
Flat Panel Detector provides Superior Image Quality with no distortion compared to I-I models.
Max Peak Opacification (MSA)
Shows the full video of the contrast agent during DSA imaging, Providing more information to the practitioner, and saving time.
Manual Pixel Shift
Overlapping the image with a mask image, moving as the patient moves, increases sharpness and decreases retake rate.
Roadmap (RSA)
Real-time imaging with no after-images increases accuracy and efficiency.
Bone Landmarking
Shows anatomical structure and blood vessel images that cannot be seen well in DSA images.
User applies a New Mask to an existing DSA reference image for an improved image without a retake.

Max Peak Opacification (MSA)