GEMSS North America

North America, Inc.

Authorized Key Dealer Application

GEMSS North America, Inc. Authorized Key Dealer Program

Application Process

  1. Complete and submit the Authorized Key Dealer application.
  2. GEMSS will review the information provided and will notify you on the status of the application.
  3. If the Authorization is approved, GEMSS will send an approval email to the person listed in the application as the Principal contact.
  4. The approval email will have instructions for completing the GEMSS Authorized Key Dealer Agreement. The Agreement can only be completed by the Principal contact that has the Legal Signature Authority for your company.
  5. The Principal contact will receive a notification email once GEMSS has approved and completed the Authorization.


  • GEMSS will not consider applications that do not meet the GEMSS Authorized Key Dealer program requirements
  • Meeting program requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program
  • GEMSS reserves the right to reject any application without comment
  • GEMSS will not consider applicants that use GEMSS trademark terms as part of any company name or web pages.
  • Your privacy is important at GEMSS. To review how GEMSS safeguards your personal information, please see the GEMSS North America Privacy Policy

Caution to Signatory

As the person submitting this application, you represent and warrant that you have the authority to provide the information required and to submit this application.
  • If you do not have the appropriate authority and/or cannot provide the required information, please exit this application now.
  • If you have the appropriate authority and can provide the required information, please click on the check box below and click on the "I Agree" button.

Pre-Application Checklist

  1. References: You will be asked to provide up to three (3) client, industry, or vendor references.
  2. Documents: You will be required to provide the following documentation in electronic form (PDF, JPEG, TIF, PNG, or GIF):
  • Business Logo
  • Business License
  • General Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Photos of each sales, service and warehouse location (interior and exterior)



Name of Signatory


Address & Contact Information


(and DBA if different)

(if Affliate/Subsidiary)

Business Profile


Key Company Personnel

(Note: If multiple locations please provide this information for each location)


Product Range

GEMSS Products

Sales & Marketing

Anticipated Sales


Trade References


  The statements and information provided in this application and any attached documents are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I also understand the following:
  • Information submitted in this application will be treated discreetly by GEMSS North America.
  • Inaccurate and/or false information may be grounds for GEMSS North America to terminate any future contractual agreements.
  • GEMSS North America may contact any person or business outlined in this application for the purpose of verifying the information submitted. By signing this document, I do hereby authorize any such person or business referenced herein to release any information via telephone, fax, or mail to GEMSS North America.
  • Applicant's signature attests to financial responsibility, ability, and willingness to pay our invoices in accordance with the agreed-upon terms.
Important: Only email files that are PNG, GIF, JPG, or PDF and no larger than 5MB each. Registration won't be processed unless all necessary files have been included. Required files:

  • Business logo
  • Business license
  • General liability insurance certificate
  • Photo of sales office exterior
  • Photo of sales office interior
  • Photo of warehouse/service exterior
  • Photo of warehouse/service interior
Please email all required files to

By entering your first/last name you accept and meet the above stated requirements.