How can we make it more user friendly?

Throughout the product development process GEMSS engineers are constantly focused on user convenience. With the introduction of the SPINEL 12HD we have included a stunning array of user customizable features and Smart Functions to make your workflows easier, faster and more productive.

User Focused Control Panel

The large 10.4” touch screen control panel rotates a full 270° to allow complete control in any position without moving the cart. Our Quick Navigation UI system is a sophisticated and intuitive design that is easy to learn and operate.


Smart Foot Switch

The programmable multifunction foot switch allows the user to select the three most commonly used functions for each procedure from the fifteen available functions* and the Smart Angio Package.

*Laser On/Off; X-ray Exposure; Capture; H-Flip; V-Flip; Rotate 90° Right; Rotate 90° Left; ABC On/Off; Column Up; Column Down; Invert; DSA On/Off; Roadmap On/Off; Cine On/Off.

12HD Footswitch

CXView 3

Our proprietary CXView 3 software features a user-friendly interface and improves workflow efficiency. Register patients easily with functions such as Merge, Match and Split. Transfer images between two servers or more. Export images in a variety of formats. All functions are fully DICOM 3 compatible and integrate seamlessly with PACS.

12HD Quick Navigation and UI System

Premium Monitor Cart

12HD Premium Monitor Cart


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